Catamaran hire in Bodrum

Best Times : June to October


Bodrum is one of the most popular charter points in Turkey. Its developed urban infrastructure and the opportunities it provides to meet all of your needs are reasons you might choose the Bodrum Route. With its unparalleled beaches, caves you can swim into, hidden villages like Gümüşlük, early evening breezes and islands, it is a favourite location.

With the ever-blowing wind filling your sails, you can make your holiday an unforgettable one with a route filled with sea and nature, sailing between Turkish and Greek islands. Choose between large and small bays to anchor in, such as Gumusluk, Kara Ada, Orak Adası, Bardakçı, Akyarlar, Yalıkavak, Turkbuku and Gundogan.



Best Times: May to October

Noted for both its natural beauty and historic significance, Fethiye has been an important settlement since very ancient times. Places like Kaya Village, Ölüdeniz , Gemile Island, and Butterfly Valley will guide your decision-making as you plan your route. Offering the chance to enjoy some of Turkey’s clearest waters, Fethiye’s coves and historic remains will allow you to enjoy an unbelievable experience. Choose between large and small bays to anchor in, such as Ölüdeniz , Gemile Adası , Turunç Koyu ,Butterfly Valley and Kabak.

In ancient times the Lycians, known as ‘people from the land of light’, established their dominance in this town and named their city Telmessos. Later, the Roman Empire extended its authority to the region, changing its name to Makri (Meğri), meaning ‘far away land’. Finally, the area’s name was changed from Şam, in honour of the memory of one of Turkey’s first pilots, Fethi Bey, who died after his plane crashed near Teberiye.


Best Times:  May to October

Surrounded by dozens of coves hidden between pine trees and each more beautiful than the other, Göcek is the best location for those who want calm, aquamarine waters. Sheltered from the wind, its shape reminiscent of a giant swimming pool, with pine trees which reach all the way into the water, wooden piers and restaurants, it is an unbelievable region which lets you experience a hidden paradise. Sunken cities which can be explored by snorkel will be another unbeatable experience added to your memories.

Known in former times at Kalimche, Göcek is the point where the Aegean and Mediterranean meet; a place of serenity where your dreams of the blue meet the sea and sky. Choose between large and small bays for anchoring, such as Sarsala , Manastır , Bedri Rahmi Village, Yassıca Isles and Boynuz Bükü.


Best Times: June to October 

With Bodrum’s unparalleled seas and breezes, Gökova is the best place to open your sails. The core part of MaviTur (Blue Cruises), Gökova will bring you tranquillity with its pine-covered hidden coves and unbelievable nature. On the Bodrum-Gökova route there are hundreds of bays to visit, each different to the other. Unique aquamarine bays which also offer some practicalities that you might need like restaurants, groceries and fuel will make planning your route that little bit more difficult. Choose between large and small bays to anchor in, such as English Harbour, Bördübet, Amazon, Orak Adası, Çökertme ,Karacasöğüt, Yedi Adalar, Büyük Çatı, Cleopatra’s Island and Kargılı.

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